Renewable Cogeneration

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How to Invest in the Art of The Well-Asked Question?

Vert Investment Group encourages renewable energy developers to “think outside the box” when they contemplate a project.  In certain situations and select locations, technical, regulatory and economic variables might line up to turn a single-energy source renewable project into a viable cogeneration project.  Here are some examples:

When an older, inefficient coal-fired power plant in a windy, sunny, rural area is considered for modernization, how could that modernization be enhanced with investments in wind, solar and biomass power generation to augment coal-generated BTUs with non-emitting renewable power?

Is a similarly inefficient power plant located on the banks of a river with relatively constant, ‘year-round flows?  Does the area enjoy significant sunlight and consistently prevailing winds?  Is the plant surrounded by several sections of fallow land suitable for growing bio-energy crops?  With these characteristics, are investments appropriate in boiler modification, run-of-stream hydro power, solar, wind and biomass energy to transform an older, inefficient asset into a state-of-the-art renewable cogeneration power facility?

Renewable cogeneration power is a young idea in the green energy space based on the economic principle of leverage:  regardless of its power source, an electrical generating plant requires a base line of assets, fundamental development if you will, that must be built regardless of the power source(s).  Can wind augment coal?  Can solar augment natural gas?  Can solar augment wind?  Can wind, solar and biomass augment conventional sources of power?

It is time in renewable energy history to ask these questions.  Renewable energy standards, federal, state and municipal tax incentives, evolving clean air goals and regulations, national energy security and the economic vitality of the United States – global competitiveness, domestic jobs, tax collections at every level of government, cleaner air – all beg those questions.

Vert Investment Group is especially well-qualified to help developers and investors ask these questions.  Vert is equally skilled at the financial analyses that must be done to answer them.  If you are a renewable energy developer or investor interested in renewable energy cogeneration, we invite you to contact us.  Our phone is (713) 222-8378 or click on Contact Us on the Main Menu of this page.  We would be pleased to explore opportunities with you in renewable energy cogeneration.

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