Project Feasibility

Proprietary Modeling Benefits Developers & Investors

Vert Investment Group prepares detailed assessments of its clients’ renewable energy projects to assess their anticipated financial performance from commissioning to mature operational status. Using sophisticated analytical tools including the Vert Staged Progression Model, Vert Investment assigns values to every major aspect of a project’s development process, including

  • Site Secure (lease),
  • Environmental,
  • Energy production,
  • Permitting Stage(s),
  • Procurement (turbine or technology purchase/selection),
  • Power Purchase (Analysis of power purchase options), and
  • Construction (Engineering, EPC contracting).

With these estimates, Vert Investment develops a scoring mechanism for each project assigning it to one of three categories according to its maturity in the development process.

These Vert Investment proprietary economic models predict the anticipated financial performance of each project, providing insight into project risk and the likelihood of its reaching sufficient return parameters to attract financing.

To learn how Vert Investment Group can serve you in renewable energy financing, development and operations, please call Vert at (713) 222-8378 or click on Contact Us in the main menu at the top of this page to send an e-mail. A Vert Investment team member will respond to you immediately.

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