Project Development

Skilled Support at Every Stage 

Vert Investment Group’s services to clients in Project Development supports developers to bring their projects to construction-ready status.
Vert brings experience of having developed over 1,200 MW’s across the United States, from early stage through construction. Using sophisticated economic modeling, deep understanding of capital formation and wide experience in renewable energy, Vert Investment Group uses its proprietary Vert Staged-Progression Model to provide clients project-specific data to assess the economic value of a project at each major stage of its development.
Through staff professionals and skilled, renewable energy experts located throughout the United States, Vert Investment Group helps clients solve issues in engineering, environmental assessment, permitting, wind analysis and power markets.
To learn how Vert Investment Group can serve you in renewable energy financing, development and operations, please call Vert at (713) 222-8378 or click on Contact Us in the main menu at the top of this page to send an e-mail. A Vert Investment team member will respond to you immediately.
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