Long-term Financing

Lenders’ Perspectives for Developers’ Needs 

Vert Investment Group has relationships with over 30 leading debt providers to the renewable energy industry. Not only do we access capital from these lenders, we also serve them from our extensive experience in all facets of the industry.

The credit markets are currently constrained and remain relatively slow to return to lending in this new market. We advise developers and financial institutions on how to assess credit risk surrounding renewable energy projects and ways to improve their risk characteristics.

Many financial institutions use probabilities to predict the risk of performance surrounding a project. As requirements have stiffened, it has become more critical to view a project from the lender’s perspective regarding certainty of claims paying ability. For example, it is important to review the probabilities of cash flow at P50 levels as well as P95 or P99. Vert Investment helps its clients develop these and other analyses to qualify for long-term financing.

It is important to note financial institutions are sensitive to the history of performance of selected equipment relative to the length of their financing. Equipment with longer warranty or performance guarantees are viewed more favorably than those with limited warranties; equipment manufacturers with shorter histories in the segment or those with weaker balance sheets are also potential liabilities working against a project’s ability to secure more attractive terms for its longer-term leverage.

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