Asset Management

Operating Excellence, Long-term Perspective 

Vert Investment personnel have been responsible for managing over 1500 MW’s of renewable energy projects. We are uniquely experienced to provide operational and management oversight to wind energy assets through our combination of technical and financial background.
Whether Vert Investment Group forms capital for renewable energy development or manages operational assets, our vision is for the long-term. Our life-of-the-asset perspective leads us to focus on maintenance, safety and efficient operations because these values invariably lead to outsized returns over the life of the assets.
Vert is developing renewable energy project tracking and management capabilities to create best-in-class methods for operating excellence. We have monitoring capabilities to compare run time performance across each operating unit and manage for anomalies within a project. Further, we benchmark the performance of our systems against other similar assets to improve operational efficiencies and improve costs. We seek to work with organizations who share our vision for operating excellence and with whom we can partner over the long-term.
To learn how Vert Investment Group can serve you in renewable energy financing, development and operations, please call Vert at (713) 222-8378 or click on Contact Us in the main menu at the top of this page to send an e-mail. A Vert Investment team member will respond to you immediately.
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